Heart of Darkness: A Warning to Humanity

In Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, there are many themes such as the dangers of greed, but one main over arching theme is that are choices decide whether we are good or evil, and every human has evil in them that can corrupt them. This can be seen in the character Kurtz. Kurtz is depicted in the first part of the book as the perfect European. He originally went to Africa to “civilize” the Africans, but after he arrived and started doing his job of collecting ivory he greatly changed. Kurtz started to go insane with power. This was because he went to Africa with the mind set that he was better than the natives there. Kurtz’s next choice was to introduce himself as a god to the natives, and to retain his control over them by murdering anyone who would stand up against him. This constant path of greed and murder even though Kurtz was considered the perfect European the evil corrupted him. This is supposed to show that anyone can be corrupted if they aren’t careful, and that are choices change us for better of for worse.

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