Immaturity in Books

If you have seen my book ranking for this year, you may have noticed that at the very bottom of the list is Wuthering Heights. What you do not know is one of my other least favorite books is the ever so famous The Great Gatsby. *gasp* I know, crazy! One of my least favorite books is one of the most famous books, but after some thought there is one key trait about these two books that I despise. One of the main character’s in both of these books are a rich male who is trying to get revenge for not getting the girl. Neither of these gentlemen thought for one second, “Hey, maybe we should hike up our big boy pants and move on!”. Nope, instead we have to make everyone else miserable. What angers me even more about The Great Gatsby, is that unlike in Wuthering Heights, the rich man seeking revenge is seen as the HERO, but Tom and Myrtle are home wreckers! Jay Gatsby is literally trying to take Daisy away from Tom and their daughter, but Gatsby is never called a home wrecker or even a bad guy he gets IDOLIZED! All of these traits seen in Gatsby can also be seen in Heathcliff, but Heathcliff is actually seen as the villain of the story… but I digress. This has been my rant on immature characters in Wuthering Heights and The Great Gatsby.

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