Space Case

In case you haven’t figured it out by my bio page or by reading my blogs I LOVE mystery, Sci-Fi, and fantasy fiction, and if you can combine the three even better. So, last year as a beginning of the year project, there was an independent reading assignment, where as a way to get to know us better, Mrs. Campbell had us choose a book to read and do a report.  I chose Stuart Gibbs’ Space Case. It is a murder mystery that takes place in a NASA research colony on the moon.  The main character who is taking it into his own hands to investigate the death of one of the scientists, is middle schooler, Dashiell Gibson, who has to keep a low profile on base while keeping up with the mandatory vlogs for NASA that makes him famous all over Earth.

I am not the only one who enjoyed this book either. Here are two reviews that summaries most of the reviews I read while originally researching the book:

“Gibbs stocks the cast with multiple suspects and red herrings… [T]his is notable for its unusual setting and features a narrator who displays a realistic mix of wonder at his location and annoyance at having to deal with the Spartan life on another planet.” ~ Booklist

“A whipsmart space whodunnit. 5 stars.” ~ Common Sense Media

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