“A Doll’s House” Assignment

Dear Judge Range,
Nora Helmer had every right to leave Torvald Helmer as they never truly loved each other. Torvald Helmer only ever saw Nora as an object and as such never truly appreciated her. Nora never loved how controlling Torvald was, and how he prevented her from finding out who she was as a person as he tried to shape her into what he wanted her to be. While Nora did leave the children under Torvald’s care when she left she left so she could learn who she is as a person. Due to her experiences over the past four months facing the world on her own as well as the scrutiny of leaving her husband she has gotten a much stronger grip on the harsh realities of the world. Torvald does not have a strong as a grip of the world as since Nora left him he has taken none of the blame. This means Nora is more apt to raise the children of the harsh realities of the world and as such should have custody.

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