Learning to Move On

In the Life of Pi, The main character, Pi, has his entire life flipped around after his family died after the sinking of the Tsimtsum. Since he got stranded on the life boat Pi struggled with the death of his family, and shortly after he finally moves on and is rescued he loses his companion Richard Parker. The lose of Richard Parker hangs with Pi for much longer than the loss of his family, because Richard Parker is actually a representation of what Pi had to do to survive and as such he will always struggle with the loss as Richard Parker was crucial in a terrible part of Pi‘s life. Even so, Pi begins to cope with his loss and this maybe a crucial part of what Martel is trying to teach his readers. A person can move on from one part of their life to another without completely letting go of it or removing it from their life. Life is all about finding balance, including balance between past, present, and looking to the future.

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