Lord of the Flies: Will All the Boys Die?

One of the big things that got brought up during our English Class game of revised Mafia is the theory that are game of mafia is an endless cycle of death that won‘t end even when the mafia is gone, and now I am wondering if the same is true with the book. The boy with a birthmark may have died in a freak accident, but Simon and Piggy were murdered by the hunters. At the end of chapter 11, Sam and Eric were taken hostage and Jack had shown that he wasn‘t afraid to hurt his own as he has beaten and tied up one of his hunters. This might mean that in the next chapter Jack may lash out on his hunters taking out the rest of them, and those who do survive may live on the island until they due die as Jack has proven himself incapable of keeping a signal fire and Ralph can‘t gain support and has shown signs of not being stable enough to even remember how to lead let alone do it. I guess only time will tell though.

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